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Green river homicides investigation

Green river homicides investigation

On July 15, 1982, the body of Wendy Lee Coffield was found in the Green River. Within a month, four other bodies were found on the riverbank:  Debra Lynn Bonner, Marcia Faye Chapman, Opal Charmaine Mills and Cynthia Jean Hinds.  Thus began one of the longest and largest serial murder investigations in United States history. Eventually, the deaths of at least 48 women would be linked to the Green River killer.

Our investigation continued for decades. Over time, the combination of advancing technology, science,  and determined investigative work advanced the case until an arrest was made in 2001.

  • November 2001: Gary Leon Ridgway was arrested and subsequently charged with the murders of Cynthia Jean Hinds, Marcia Faye Chapman, Opal Charmaine Mills and Carol Ann Christiansen.
  • April 2003: Ridgway was charged with three additional murders (Wendy Lee Coffield, Debra Lynn Bonner and Debra Estes).
  • June 2003: In exchange for the prosecutor not seeking the death penalty, Ridgway agreed to plead guilty to all murders that he committed in King County. He agreed to provide complete, truthful and candid information concerning the crimes that he had committed in King County and answer all questions during interviews conducted by the detectives or the prosecuting attorney.
  • November 5, 2003: Gary Leon Ridgway pled guilty to 48 counts of Aggravated Murder in the First Degree.

Help the Investigators

Although Ridgway pled guilty, the investigation continues -- to identify unnamed victims, find other missing women, and identify other potential victims.  If you have any information that you believe will help in the investigation, please contact us.
  • Call (collect if necessary): 206-263-2130
    • Call between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. to arrange to speak with a detective. If you call after hours, please leave voice mail so we can get back in touch with you
  • E-mail:

Unidentified Victims

Gary Ridgway admitted to killing of all of these women, but could not supply any significant information that would assist in the identification of these women. The clay reconstructions were done by National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) to assist us in identifying the women. Hair styles are only a ‘best guess’.

Victim #10:
White Female found 3/21/1984 in the Burien area off of Des Moines Memorial Drive. This victim could be as young as 12 years of age. Ridgway implied that the victim was killed in the spring or summer of 1983.
Victim #17:
White Female found 1/2/1986 near Mountain View Cemetery in Auburn. Age estimated between 14 and 18 at the time of her death. Ridgway implied that the victim was killed in the spring or summer of 1983
Victim #20:
Unknown race female found 8/21/2003 off Kent-Des Moines Road at a site pointed out by Ridgway.  Ridgway described her as white, possibly with a brother named 'Mike.'  Her age is estimated as between 20 and 30.

Still Missing

These three women are listed on the official Green River Homicides list. They remain missing today, and their cases remain uncharged. 

Kassee Ann Lee
Kassee Ann Lee was a 16 year-old girl. She was last seen on August 28, 1982 in the area of South 200th Street and 30th Avenue South. This area is just east of Pacific Highway South.

Kelly Kay McGinnis
Kelly Kay McGinnis was 18 years of age and was last seen on June 28, 1983 at South 216h Street and Pacific Highway South.



Patricia Ann Osborn
was 19 years of age and last seen on October 28, 1983 when she left an area at North 115th Street and Aurora Avenue North in the City of Seattle to walk to a nearby restaurant. 

Help Us Identify These Women

Please take a look at the photographs below. We're looking for the current whereabouts of these women, or their true names, or names of associates and relatives and when these women were seen last.

Photo 1
This photo was taken in 1983. This female has been identified as Linda L. Jackson and WyLynda L. Wells. She has not been seen in King County since early 1983.
Photo 2
This photo was taken in 1980. This female was last seen in Seattle during December of 1980. She may have gone by the first name of Michelle. She has ties to the New York area.
Photo 3 – No photo available
We are trying to identify a possible missing female known only as Angie. Angie was an associate of Green River victim Tammie Liles. She was last seen in downtown Seattle in the summer of 1983. Angie was last known to be from the Marysville area.

Here's her description: White female, 17 to 18 years of age at the time of contact, 5' 4" in height, 110 pounds, with curly shoulder length light brown hair and greenish-blue eyes. She's been described as "very pretty" and "a Barbie doll." She was wearing blue jeans when she was last seen.




Gary Ridgway pled guilty to the homicides of the 49 people listed below.

Wendy Lee Coffield
Gisele A. Lovvorn
Debra Lynn Bonner
Marcia Faye Chapman
Cynthia Jean Hinds
Opal Charmaine Mills
Terry Renee Milligan
Mary Bridgett Meehan
Debra Lorraine Estes
Linda Rule
Shawnda Leea Summers
Denise Darcel Bush
Shirley Marie Sherrill
Becky Marrero
Colleen Renee Brockman
Delores Lavern Williams
Alma Ann Smith
Gail Matthews
Andrea M. Childers
Sandra K. Gabbert
Kimi Kai Pitsor
Sandra D. Major
Marie Malvar
Carol Ann Christensen
Carrie Ann Rois
Martina T. Authorlee
Cheryl Lee Wims
Yvonne Shelly Antosh
Constance Naon
Kelly Ware
Tina Marie Thompson
April Buttram
Debbie May Abernathy
Tracy Winston
Maureen Sue Feeney
Pammy Avent
Mary Sue Bello
Delise Louise Plager
Kimberly Nelson
Lisa L. Yates
Mary Exzetta West
Cindy Ann Smith
Patricia Barczak
Roberta Hays
Marta Reeves
Patricia Yellowrobe
3 Unidentified victims