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Vision, Mission, Goals, and Core Values

Vision, Mission, Goals, and Core Values


Why are we here?


The King County Sheriff's Office delivers

compassionate and accountable police services

to enhance public safety and community well-being.



Where are we going?


The King County Sheriff’s Office is to be an

innovative, trusted, and collaborative agency

supporting safe, welcoming, and thriving communities.



How do we do business?


  • We are honest, direct, and transparent.
  • We lead with grace through our diverse perspectives and experiences.
  • We are a high-performing organization with a clearly articulated vision of our role in the community and contribution to public safety.
  • We are committed to addressing the well-being of our communities.
  • We promote positive change toward unity and racial equity through our community-centered initiatives.


  • We are open and accountable to the public we serve.
  • We foster a culture that actively identifies and acknowledges problems and welcomes them as opportunities for improvement.
  • We take responsibility for our actions, celebrate successes, and address shortcomings.


  • We continually seek to improve how we operate through advances in technology, policy, and using change and performance management.
  • We act with speed and persistence to help provide community safety for all.
  • We embrace creativity, innovation, and transparency.
  • We employ evidence-based, data-driven, and adaptive strategies.



  • We, as one team, work with our partners to deter crime and the fear of crime. 
  • We foster a respectful work environment.
  • We work across boundaries and acknowledge the valuable contributions employees bring to our agency and communities.
  • We work to learn, co-create, collaborate, and adjust our services for our diverse communities.



How will we get there?

  • Develop Leaders: Establish leadership continuity and focus on process and project management. Ensure accountability, transparency, and follow-through to better serve our employees.

  • Support our Workforce: Improve workforce health, well-being, and morale through continued focused efforts to recruit, retain, develop, and support the highest quality employees that reflect the diverse communities we serve. 

  • Build Partnerships: Build and strengthen our public safety partnerships to deliver equitable outcomes, trauma-informed incident response, and effective crime fighting services.

  • Improve Engagement: Increase support for the King County Sheriff’s Office and enhance relationships with our communities by clearly and proactively sharing our mission, values, and achievements.

  • Increase Effectiveness: Advance our effectiveness by encouraging innovation and by employing emerging technology and data-informed, evidenced-based strategies.