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Questions to Ask Yourself

If you meet the basics, you're off to a good start. Your answers to the following questions aren't part of the application process, but can help you decide if a law enforcement career with the KCSO could be right for you.

  • Do I tend to size up situations pretty quickly and prioritize what to do next, even in rapidly changing situations with several different things going on at once?
  • Am I pretty good at staying calm during emergency situations and making good decisions without having to have every last detail answered for me first?
  • Do I enjoy identifying problems and digging into possible causes and solutions? Am I resourceful?
  • Am I willing to work in dangerous situations and use physical force to overcome resistance if necessary, up to and including use of deadly force?
  • Am I consistently a dependable and honest person, able to adhere to the highest standards of ethical conduct?
  • Am I self-disciplined in my emotions, avoiding saying and doing things that are inappropriate or disrespectful to others, even under stress?
  • Am I diplomatic, tactful and respectful of others, and prone to conveying empathy and understanding when I am dealing with others?
  • Do I work well as a part of a team?
  • Can I be both or either authoritative and/or empathetic based on the situation?
  • Do any of the disqualifiers apply to me?

Questions? Let us help.

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