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Unfortunately, due to COVID the King County Sheriff’s Office has had to suspend the internship program through the end of 2022.  We are gearing up to re-open the program for the Summer of 2023, and will begin accepting applications at the beginning of 2023. 

King County Sheriff's Office offers internship opportunities for interested college students pursuing a career in the criminal justice field, or those who simply want to expand their skill set to build a stronger resume as they enter the workforce.  All internships are intended to meet eligibility requirements for college credit (please check with your academic advisor to verify).  Internships with King County Sheriff's Office are unpaid and ineligible for benefits.

(updated December 3, 2021):

Summer 2022 (May - August/September)

We will be accepting applications for Summer 2023 internships January 16th through February 24th, 2023!

  • Primary positions will be in an office setting with numerous opportunities to explore other aspects of the Sheriff's Office, including ride alongs, training exercises, and job shadowing
  • Multiple positions available in various units
  • Flexible scheduling available (evenings / weekends typically not available)
  • Interns may extend their internship up to one year.
  • Must be enrolled in college throughout internship to be eligible.
  • We will be accepting applications for Fall 2023 from May 1st to May 31st, 2023!


To apply: please complete the automatic disqualifier sheet, accompanied by your application.  Either fax or scan an electronic copy with a current resume and send it to:

Nicole Hall, Human Resource Analyst
King County Sheriff's Office 
Phone: (206) 477-9729
Fax: (206) 205-7608