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City of Maple Valley Police Department

City of Maple Valley Police Department


Emergency dispatch:

Non-Emergency dispatch: (206) 296-3311

Maple Valley Police Department
22017 SE Wax Road, Ste 100
P.O. Box 320 (mailing)
Maple Valley, WA 98038
Business Phone: (425) 413-5158

Police Chief:
Chief Tommy Collins

City police department website:

City website

City crime map
Maple Valley Police Open Data Dashboard (



maple-valley-logoThe City of Maple Valley is located in southeast King County and has more than 24,000 residents. Maple Valley Police Department (MVPD) is dedicated to employing community-oriented policing strategies, of which a key component is problem solving. MVPD has adopted structured problem solving techniques as its standard process for addressing crime and safety issues in the city, and uses crime analysis information available through the Sheriff's partnership to concentrate policing efforts where they are needed most.

MVPD hosts and organizes and participates in numerous events and educational programs throughout the year, with the goal of educating adults and kids about safety, crime prevention, and problem solving techniques. Some of the events MVPD organizes for the community include Maple Valley Days, an annual Citizen's Police Academy, a bike safety rodeo, and a bike challenge and safety fair for children. MVPD has also been a pioneer in growing an in-house Police Reserve program, and also serves as co-sponsor of the King County Sheriff's Office Explorer Program.


"The Maple Valley Police Department welcomed me to the team on January 1, 2011 as a member of the Problem Solving Emphasis Team. That's a long title that basically means that my partner and I take a proactive approach to combating drugs, serial crimes, and other problems affecting our residents.

After joining the department, I began learning about the community and the people who call it home. Maple Valley is a burgeoning suburb that still feels like a small town, and holds firmly onto that intimate, small-town feel. Our residents care deeply about their schools, parks, kids’ sports, and community festivals. Maple Valley has a long list of major events and is frequently recognized nationally as a great place to live and raise a family.

Of particular note to the police officers who work here is that Maple Valley was recently named the fourteenth safest city in Washington by I account the safe-city ranking in large part to the residents who demand a safe place to live and raise their families. Additionally, the police officers here are mostly seasoned veterans who like working here and enjoy getting involved in the community. When a crime does occur here, officers and detectives are quick to investigate the offense using their knowledge of the known "players" in the city and the relationships officers have made with many of the residents. It must be a great place to be a police officer, because there are several deputies here who intend on retiring wearing a Maple Valley Police uniform.

I hope you have a chance to get out into the beautiful parks, attend several of the city’s large festivals, and enjoy the serenity of living in one of Washington’s safest cities. And when you get a chance, introduce yourself to one of your police officers who work here to make your streets and home safe."

- Jason Stanley, Detective, Maple Valley Police Department