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Battery-electric bus - Zero-emissions fleet

Battery-electric bus

Metro expands our battery-electric bus fleet

The Metro bus that's rechargeable!

Metro is preparing to put its next generation battery-electric coaches on the road as we continue the transformation of our fleet to zero-emission coaches by 2035. Unlike our electric trolley buses, these heavy-duty battery-electric buses don’t need an overhead wire to keep going. Just charge and go!

About the bus fleet

Our next generation fleet will have both 60-foot and 40-foot buses. The 60 ft coaches are able to travel approximately 140 miles on a full charge when loaded to approximate a full passenger load. The 40-ft coaches are able to travel approximately 220 miles when charged.

The next generation buses join a fleet in which all our coaches are either fully hybrid (diesel-electric) or zero-emission (electric trolleys and battery-electric). Metro is committed to building the charging infrastructure to support a zero-emission fleet as it makes the transition to purchasing only zero-emission buses beginning as early as 2023 or 2024.

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Huoi Trieu
Electrification Manager
Phone: 206-263-1206

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