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King County Mask/Face Covering Distribution Program

King County Mask/Face Covering Distribution Program

King County has successfully distributed 25 million masks to County residents since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. We worked closely with a wide range of partners to get these much-needed supplies out to residents across the County. Our partners included Chambers of Commerce, King County Cities, King County Councilmembers, the King County Library System, Community-Based Organizations, Churches and Faith-Based Organizations, Transit Agencies, Food Banks, Senior Centers, and other key stakeholders like Amazon and Safeway who partnered with the County to distribute PPE across the region.

In addition to the 25 million masks that were distributed, King County also purchased and distributed over 700,000 COVID-19 tests in late 2021. These tests were distributed to nearly 200 organizations to keep residents safe and healthy.

Thank you to everyone that continues to do their part to help keep our region safe and healthy as we continue to recover from the effects of COVID-19.

Finding Low or No Cost Masks

While King County has completely distributed 25 million cloth and disposable face masks, you can find low or no cost masking options by visiting the link below.

Find Free Masks (N95 Respirators) | CDC

Community partners

See below for a list of community partners that played a vital role in helping King County distribute PPE to those who needed it most.

COVID-19 Guidance and Information

Stay up to date on current COVID-19 guidance and information by visiting: COVID-19 information and resources for King County, WA - King County

You can also visit the following sites for additional information:

Information regarding King County’s COVID-19 testing sites and guidance can be found online: COVID-19 testing locations and guidance - King County.


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