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Elections, Membership, and Policies

Elections, Membership, and Policies

King County Latinx Affinity Group


Hello, KCLx family. Thank you for participating in the 2023 elections!

We invite you to connect with the King County Latinx Affinity Group Leadership Committee members as we progress into the next year! Please help us continue to make a difference in our workplace and community.

For 2023, we streamlined some of the roles and responsibilities of the leadership team. All positions were open for self-nominations and then went to a vote. This year, we did not have any positions with more candidates than available slots.

We look forward to this fantastic chance for leadership and development opportunities and the space to connect to individuals and groups in our community.

We sent emails to our communications list of 100+ people and posted them on our Microsoft Teams. Nominations lasted at least two weeks from the email announcement and similar for the voting period. If you have any questions, please reach out to us.

  Have Questions About Elections, Membership, and Policies?

Thank You 2022 Leadership Committee!


 Welcome 2023 Leadership Committee


Learn About the Affinity Group

Our General Meetings take place monthly and alternate times and days.
  • Even months: 2nd Thursdays at 1:00
  • Odd months: 2nd Wednesdays at Noon

Contact KCLx to join our email distribution list and get the calendar invite.

General Members

All King County employees who identify as being of Latin American origin or descent and are interested in the mission and goals of the group are welcome! We also invite allies and all employees who will work to advance equity in our workplace and community.

Membership is voluntary. General Members can use up to three (3) work hours a month to participate in KCLx meetings and activities. Time spent in KCLx meetings and activities is not eligible for overtime.

Please refer to the King County Employee Resource Group (ERG) / Affinity Group Policy: ACO-5-1-EP for more details.

Leadership Team

Role Expectations: Leadership Team members shall attend monthly Leadership Team meetings as well as General Membership meetings with an expected time commitment of an average of six (6) work hours per month.

Terms of Office: KCLx leadership will be determined by members via a voting process and will serve an 18-month term of which includes a 6-month transition period to help the next leadership team maintain continuity and momentum.

  • Co-Chairs (2)
  • External Community Engagement Chair
  • Events Co-Chairs (2)

Leadership Role Expectations 

Leadership Team members shall attend a monthly Leadership Team Meeting and General Membership Meetings with an expected time commitment of six (6) work hours per month. 

Terms of Office

Members will determine KCLx leadership via a voting process. It will serve an 18-month term, including a 6-month transition period to help the next leadership team maintain continuity and momentum. Incumbents are eligible to be nominated/hold two consecutive terms in the same position and must wait one additional term before holding the position again. 

Structure & Operations

Note: Some of the roles are not in use for the 2023 Leadership Committee. And the responsibilities were condensed.

1. Leadership Roles

i. Co-Chairs (2 positions)

  • Provides overall leadership to the group; ensuring the mission, values, and goals of KCLx are fomented by the KCLx Leadership Team and Affinity Group as a whole
  • Convene the KCLx Leadership Team regularly to share updates, plan, and implement content and activities supporting KCLx goals
  • Support Leadership Team members in accomplishing goals and performing their responsibilities
  • Schedules regular KCLx meetings and creates the meeting agenda; works with the Leadership Team or organizes logistics
  • Serves as or designates the KCLx representative to Partnering Team meetings (all Affinity Groups) or other engagements with the Office of Equity and Social Justice (OESJ)
  • Fosters relationships with other networks and Affinity Groups
  • A representative for the Affinity Group in additional meetings and events as necessary

ii. External Community Engagement Chair

  • Develops and maintains relationships with external Latinx organizations
  • Identifies volunteer, partnership, and networking opportunities with organizations interested in supporting Latinx communities
  • Assists Co-Chairs with relationship-building with other Affinity Groups

iii. Events Chair (2 positions)

  • Organize network events and social activities based on interest and availability
  • Coordinates Latinx/Hispanic Heritage month events
  • Lead with Communications Chair on marketing for events

2. Previous Roles (responsibilities were redistributed to the active roles)

ii. Communications & Social Media Chair (not in use)

  • Drafts and edits communications
  • Responsible for internal and external marketing communications
  • Responsible for social media and publicity

iii. Membership Chair (not in use)

  • Welcomes and onboards new members
  • Maintains the group email/distribution
  • Identifies member recruitment/engagement opportunities

iv. Content Manager / Administrator (not in use)

  • Records and disseminates meeting memory for any meetings
  • Serves as network liaison with Marketing Communications (as needed)
  • Manages surveys/polls
  • Responsible for archiving KCLx history – events, achievements, etc.

vi. Finance Chair (not in use)

  • Manages finances of the group
  • Reports financial updates at meetings
  • Provides annual budget for approval
  • Oversees annual budget and activity report out

vii. Employee Retention and Advancement Chair (not in use)

  • Organizes events and projects that foster the retention and advancement of Latinx employees at King County
  • Support all-AG employee retention and advancement efforts
  • Works with KCLx events chairs to coordinate activities


The official name is: King County Latinx Affinity Group.*


The mission is to build equitable community for King County Latinx employees and the Latinx community at large.


Our values define the way we act, what’s important to us, and our expectations for ourselves and one another.

  • Teamwork
  • Authenticity
  • Collective Impact
  • Equity & Social Justice
  • Accountability &Transparency
  • Empowerment
  • Relationship-centric
  • Strategic Impact
  • Shared Leadership
*The term Latinx is commonly defined as: a person of Latin American origin or descent (used as a gender-neutral or nonbinary alternative to Latino or Latina). KCLx uses this term as the most inclusive term to identify our community as a whole, recognizing that no one term represents everyone of Latina American origin or descent.


Consistent with the King County’s commitment to making King County a welcoming community were every person can thrive, King County’s Latinx Affinity Group (KCLx), works with leadership to inform policies and procedures that address racism and other forms of oppression.

KCLx builds relationships with colleagues who share common interests or backgrounds and provides opportunities for members to develop their leadership skills. KCLx is supported by the Office of Equity and Social Justice and advocates for the implementation of King County’s Equity and Social Justice Plan.

Goal 1: Develop opportunities for members to network, learn, build common ground, collaborate, share resources, grow professionally, and support one another

  • Create a space for ethnic, racial, and gender minorities within the Latinx membership, in which we operate consciously of social justice, accountably to each other, and intentionally to create equitable spaces.
  • Deepen understanding of systemic racism and issues affecting KC Latinx employees and the community at large.
  • Operate as a collective and for the interest of the group.

Goal 2: Advance equity and social justice within King County government

  • Inform policies and procedures that address racism and other forms of oppression
  • Support, advocate, and serve as a resource for the implementation of King County Equity and Social Justice Plan.
  • Support and advocate for recruitment and retention of Latinx employees.
  • Further awareness and increase visibility of Latinx issues within King County
  • Collaborate with other affinity groups

Goal 3: Advance equity and social justice across King County

  • Increase the visibility of Latinx issues
  • Support and advocate for King County social justice efforts engaging and impacting the Latinx community
  • Enhance recognition and reputation of King County in Latinx communities

*New* 2023 Leadership Committee: 

Co-Chair: Margarita Aguado Administrative Specialist II, Natural Resources and Parks (DNRP)

Co-Chair: Maria Jimenez-Zepeda ORCA Reduced Fare Project Program Manager II, King County Metro Transit (Metro)

Employee Retention and Advancement Chair: Arturo Zazueta, Gardener, Natural Resources and Parks (DNRP)

Events Co-Chair: Norma Renteria Lobo, Project/Program Manager III, Community and Human Services (DCHS)

Events Co-Chair: Yoli GerasimovAdministrative Specialist III, Adult and Juvenile Detention (DAJD)

Outgoing Leadership Committee

Co-Chair: Antonio Herrera Garza Executive Program Assistant III, Office of Equity and Social Justice (OESJ)

Employee Retention and Advancement Chair: Rocio Martinez Lopez Special Projects Assistant, Regional Animal Services of King County (RASKC)

External Community Engagement Chair: Maria Jimenez-Zepeda ORCA Reduced Fare Project Program Manager II, King County Metro Transit (Metro)

Events Co-Chair: Margarita Aguado Administrative Specialist II, Natural Resources and Parks (DNRP)

Events Co-Chair: Sabrina Torres Administrative Specialist II, Health Services at Public Health — Seattle & King County (PHSKC)

Content Manager/Administrator: Melissa Aguilar Regional Affordable Housing Specialist, Community & Human Services (DCHS)

 Participating in Affinity Groups

King County is committed to supporting the growth and development of workplace and workforce equity by fostering the development of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), or Affinity Groups.

An ERG is an employee-led group formed around shared interests, issues, and backgrounds. King County ERGs focus exclusively on protected categories. Protected category-specific ERGs address racism and other forms of oppression and advance the county’s equity and social justice (ESJ) goals.

ERGs are a tool for employees with common interests or identities to build fellowship, leadership opportunities, and actions towards addressing institutional racism and ESJ plans.

Know Your Rights

Below are some common concepts around participating in Affinity Groups. Please refer to the King County Employee Resource Group Policy ACO-5-1-EP for more details. If you experience unusual barriers to participation, please contact your department Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (EIB) Manager and the Latinx Affinity Group to discuss the matter.

Employee participation is voluntary and subject to manager approval.

You choose to join Affinity Groups if you want. Many employees have understandings or informal agreements with managers about participation without filling out the optional Participation Form. We have seen hourly or on-site workers use the form the most to better document and have formal agreements around work coverage.

Managers shall approve employee ERG participation based on the operational needs of the agency or department.

If you suspect you are being denied participation for other reasons than operational need and work coverage, please raise the issue.

When using work time to participate in ERG activities, employees shall request prior approval from their manager in order to allow managers time to ensure adequate staff coverage.

You know your team the best. Proactive communication and understanding can save on paperwork, but we understand not every employee has the privilege of flexible work.

ERG participation will not be approved if the operational needs of the unit will not be met or if ERG attendance puts the employee in overtime status for that pay period.

The time allotted for Affinity Group participation is meant to incorporate into your work schedule. Equity work is our work. 

Managers can approve participation on a six-month basis and reserve the right to deny approval and individual meeting participation based on the needs of the unit.

If you suspect you are being denied participation for other reasons than operational need and work coverage, please raise the issue.

Employee ERG participation can be included as part of the employee’s professional development plan.

Please include Affinity Group work in your development and reviews, especially if you are in a leadership role. It can be a great experience boost and access to work not available in your base role.