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Related information

Related information

One path to your property records
Find information on your parcel and links for your area report, glossary of terms, property characteristics, value history, characteristic corrections, tax bill, excise tax affidavits and parcel map.

Look up a property account or parcel number
Search any address for the corresponding property account/parcel number. For condominiums and raw land, call 206-296-7300.

Real property tax bills and payment records
Search for your property tax information.

Exemption and deferral information
Search the various property tax exemption and deferral criteria to see if you qualify.

Learn about the Assessor’s valuation process
Find out how residential and commercial property assessed values were determined this year.

Look for comparable sales with the eAppeals search tool
Search for comparable sales using a variety of criteria.

General assessment information
Commonly-asked questions and answers provide an overview of the Assessor's responsibilities. 

Appeal petitions and procedures
Real Property Petition Form (scroll down)
Appeals to the Board of Equalization for answers to frequently asked questions

How to map a parcel
Parcel Viewer Search by Parcel Number, Street Address, Street Intersection

Find deeds, liens, easements, and excise tax affidavits via records search

Washington State Board of Tax Appeals
Petitions and procedures for appealing your local Board's determination.

Washington State Department of Revenue
General property tax topics, laws and rules