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Materials and supplies

Materials and supplies

We purchase and warehouse automotive and heavy equipment parts, construction materials, traffic signs, safety equipment, and hand tools to support King County departments and contract agencies in the Puget Sound region.

  • Consistent, high quality products (e.g. industrial grade, brand names)
  • One-stop shopping
  • Items available on demand; no funds tied up in maintaining an inventory
  • Special orders available for non-stock items 
  • Lower prices due to volume purchasing, competitive bidding, and ongoing price comparisons
  • Less paperwork: fewer invoices, transactions, checks, and files
  • Fabrication and in-house manufacturing available for specialty items, including signs
  • All products are checked for hazardous content and substituted for environmentally friendly alternatives whenever possible
  • Conformance to Washington State purchasing regulations
If you are interested in purchasing parts, materials, or supplies from Fleet Stores please contact us to set up an inter-agency agreement.

Automotive and General Stores: 155 Monroe Ave NE (Renton) - Building G

Heavy equipment and automotive parts, tire chains, de-icer fluid, ice scrappers, jumper cables, hardware, hand tools, garden implements, safety supplies, cleaning supplies, and other related products.

Traffic and Construction Stores: 155 Monroe Ave NE (Renton) - Building B

Traffic signs, signal components, electrical supplies, traffic cones, roadway markings, road construction and building materials, chains, cables, sandbags, spill containment products, and other related products.

Motor Pool Stores: 707 S. Orcas Street (Seattle)

Automotive parts, tire chains, de-icer fluid, ice scrappers, jumper cables, and other related products.

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