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Amusement devices

Amusement devices

King County business licenses

Any person or business in unincorporated King County operating or permitting operation of any novelty amusement devices such as pinball, video, air hockey, dart and shuffleboard games, and pool tables must ensure that the games are licensed (Title 6* of the King County Code).

Potential types of businesses where these licenses might be required are taverns, lounges, bowling alleys, video arcades, pool halls, fast food stores, and restaurants.

Pool Table License

Pool table licenses are $100 per table up to a $500 maximum per establishment. Pool table licenses expire one year from the date of application.

Novelty Amusement Devices

The license fee for each amusement device is $100 per year. License fees for less than one year are pro-rated quarterly. The license year runs January through December with licenses expiring December 31st of each year.


The license fee for shuffleboards is $50 per year, expiring a year from the date of application.

For assistance, contact Permitting at 206-296-6600 or email