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Thanks for the comments and kudos

Thanks for the comments and kudos

I want to express my extreme gratitude and awe at the expertise, customer service, and sheer niceness of Sue and Liz.  We are quickly pulling together a RFP in order to meet an unexpected deadline, and Sue and Liz could not have been more delightful and helpful. Thank you for hiring these two treasures. They are stellar examples of the customer service that makes a positive difference when working under pressure.

Customer Linda at Risk Management
Date of visit: Ocotober 2012
Service: Contracting

This was overall the very best experience I've ever had dealing with a County agency. In the past I've only dealt with Pierce County on 3 homes we have built. There was always lots of waiting, some frustration and lots of waiting. NO WAITING HERE! Today was the total opposite! Thank you for a great experience! Kudos to (King County Staffers) B. and D.

Customer Sheryl Z. at DDES in Renton
Date of visit: August 2011
Service: Permitting

To (King County Staffer) A., I want to say thank you for the help and support through the years. With your kind words and assistance, I now work for VA Hospital as a nursing assistant. My family thanks you.

Customer Terry J. at King County Veterans Services in Seattle
Date of visit: August 2011
Service: Rental Assistance for Vets

(King County Staffer) D. was efficient, courteous and expressed sympathies. Thank you for the personal touch, so seldom seen in this setting.

Customer Alvin L. at Medical Examiner’s Office
Date of visit: August 2011
Service: Request certified death certificate

I would like to personally thank (King County Staffer) C. for all of her hard work on my case. Without her I would never have accomplished my goal. Because of C., I will be going back to work on the 7th of September. Almost 1 year to the day. I got caught up in legislature and bureaucracy which lead to my losing of my job and housing. C. got me back on track.

Customer David T. at King County Veterans Services
Date of visit: July 2011
Service: Housing and job assistance

I want to compliment (King County Staffer) L. for excellent customer service. She was knowledgeable, patient and helpful to me (an attorney). I was recording a type of Court Order (Alternative to a probate) that's not done too frequently, but she was a pro. Thank you.

Customer at Superior Court
Date of visit: May 2011
Service: Record adjudication

I was amazed at the speed of service. The two people who helped me at different times were cordial and efficient. The service I received was so prompt that I was not required to pay a parking fee, thank you for that.

Customer at Vital Statistics
Date of visit: May 2011
Service: Obtain a birth certificate

Great service! Very helpful and attentive. I was surprised how easy they made each step. Both women were very nice and helpful. They were patient with each customer. I couldn’t have been more pleased.

Customer at Cottage Lake Service Center
Date of visit: April 2011
Service: Marriage license

(King County Staffer) L. was very nice and made a very nice experience in paying my license tabs. One of the nicest governmental employees I’ve ever met. Thanks a lot!

Ken N.
Date of visit: April 2011
Service: Covington Community Service Center

I have had so many losses and suffer with depression & unemployment. (King County Staffer) D. helped me to not feel like I was to blame for needing help. The program fills in the gap when life deals its hard blows. I believe this program has SAVED MY LIFE.

Michele S.
Date of visit: April 2011
Service: King County Veterans Program

The help we received was fantastic! I appreciate all the help I received as a veteran for myself and my family! Words can’t express! Thank you so much!

The E. Family
Date of visit: March 2011
Service: King County Veterans Program

Although this visit was helpful, I would like to say (King County Staffer) A. has helped me more than I could write down. Several years ago I was homeless and in a bad way. With her help and rest of the staff I am currently in my own apartment and feeling very grateful daily. Thank you very much and kudos to A. Thank you once again.

Brian S.
Date of visit: February 2011
Service: Utility payment assistance