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Datathon 2022

Datathon 2022

A month-long celebration of open data in King County and beyond...

What could your team do with better data? Join us for King County’s first Datathon!

Better data helps teams succeed, and drives meaningful change. But locating and analyzing available data sets can be a challenge. That’s why King County is hosting our first-ever “Data-thon” to share open data across departments, and learn how King County’s user-friendly tools can provide better data analysis – on any budget, and for any level of expertise.

Every Friday throughout the month of March will feature inspiring guest speakers who 
use open data to connect with communities. Data for everyone!


March 2 – March 25, 2022

Four weeks…
17 departments
2.2 million residents
7 million columns in County databases
…What data can YOUR team open?

Who should attend?

The sessions we've lined up for this year's Open Datathon are perfect for team leaders, managers, data analysts, public disclosure officers, or anyone else who works with data within local or state governments.

While a primary goal is to increase awareness of open data within King County agencies, attendees from other jurisdictions or local governments who have an interest in publishing open data are welcome to attend!

Join us:

Let’s create the future together! RSVP for any of these Datathon events open to employees from King County and other local governments in the Pacific Northwest:

Live Kick-Off Event: March 2, 11am – noon, 2022

Weekly Events: Each Friday 1-2pm, March 4 – March 25

See Eventbrite registration links for each session below


Session Details:

March 2 Kick-Off Event - Register here:


Download the event recording here: 20220302_KC_Datathon_Kickoff [163mb, .mp4]

Introductions and Call to Action 
Tanya Hannah, King County CIO & Paul Alley, KCIT

Open Data: Why Bother? Discover How Open Data Can Help Your Team Succeed
Sadeeq Simmons, Analytics Manager, WA State Department of Licensing

Have you ever wondered, "Why bother?" when it comes to open data? The State of Washington's Department of Licensing aims to quantify and communicate vital information through Open Data. In this kick-off session, Sadeeq Simmons will share how he and his team at the Washington State DOL strive to produce high quality open data as a product of equity, upstream data quality, and a robust analytics ecosystem.

March 4 Session 1 - Register here:‚Äč

Panel: The Intersection of Open Data & Privacy – A Considerate Balancing Act
Lorre Wijelath, KCIT Privacy Program Manager, Guest Speakers: Ginger Armbruster, Chief Privacy Officer, City of Seattle, Kelsey Finch, General Counsel, The Future of Privacy Forum, and Mark Schmidt, Open Data Manager, City of Seattle

In this session, you will learn how industry experts balance key considerations regarding transparency and accountability while maintaining privacy in civic data.  The discussion will focus on how to identify privacy concerns in datasets, approaches to mitigating risk and a Q&A mini-session with guest speakers.   

March 11 Session 2 - Register here:

Download the event recording here: 20220311_KC_Datathon_Session [220mb, .mp4] 

Open Data for ESJ Analysis
Alicia Brown, Tim Morrow, Marry Ullrich

Learn how Open Data may be used in Equity Impact Reviews and inform pro-equity policy decisions. Discover how the new ESJ data hub may be used to analyze the impact of programs and services across King County and provide rich information about priority populations. At the end of this session, you’ll understand how maps and dashboards may be used for equity analysis and contextualized with Esri Living Atlas information.

March 18 Session 3 - Register here:

Download the event recording here: 20220318_KC_Datathon [197mb, .mp4] 

Showcase: King County Metro’s Performance Power BI Dashboard
Sara M. Hospador, Sr. Business Analyst, Strategy & Analytics, King County Metro

Learn how King County Metro tracks their progress towards achieving their Strategic Plan goals and key outcomes to move towards their vision for regional mobility. 
Learning outcomes: In this session you will learn how Power BI dashboards may be used for performance management and provide rich interactive data visualizations for the public to view progress over time.

The Power of Power BI, Esri, and Open Data
Alicia Brown, Paul Alley

Did you know, Power BI, Esri, and Open Data can all work together to help make fantastic and amazing data visualizations and maps? Join Alicia and Paul on this amazing journey into the wonderful world of spatial data visualizations, and how YOU can get started creating Power BI dashboards today!

March 25: Session 4 - Register here:

Download the event recording here: 20220325_KC_Datathon [299mb, .mp4] 

Showcase: How Public Health Connects with Communities using Tableau
Mariko Toyoji & Ronald Buie, Department of Public Health, Assessment Policy Development & Evaluation Team (APDE)

Lawrence Lee, Department of Public Health, Analytics and Informatics Team (A&I)

Join Data leaders from King County's Department of Public Health to learn how their team connects with Puget Sound communities using rich data visualizations and dashboards created in Tableau.

The Power of Tableau and Open Data
Philip Sylling

See how Tableau can be used to consume, analyze, and visualize open data from King County and beyond. In this session you’ll learn how to download Tableau desktop, and see a demonstration of connecting to open dataset and designing a simple dashboard.