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2008 Annual Report

2008 Annual Report

Small Habitat Restoration Program

Small Habitat Restoration Program Cover
The Small Habitat Restoration Program restored and improved streams and wetlands, and provided technical assistance to property owners, since 1995. This report describes projects accomplished and services provided during 2008, including:

  • 9 new construction projects
  • 11 continuing projects
  • 8 projects in planning and permitting stages and preparing for 2009 construction
  • 11 projects maintained or monitored
  • 2 miles of streambank revegetated with native plants*
  • 7 acres of stream or wetland buffer revegetated with native plants.

*Projects that enhanced both banks of a given reach of stream are counted as enhancing twice the reach length
in streambanks (i.e. 500 linear feet of stream has 1,000 feet of streambank that could be enhanced).

The Small Habitat Restoration Program 2008 Report is available in Adobe Acrobat format.

Download here:

Small Habitat Restoration Program 2008 Report

For more information about the Small Habitat Restoration Program, please contact Mason Bowles, senior ecologist, Water and Land Resources Division Ecological Restoration and Engineering Services Unit.