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Supplemental materials

Supplemental materials

King County Shoreline Master Program

Interactive map - Shoreline Master Program layers

The following supplemental materials are provided in Adobe Acrobat format. For help using Acrobat, please see our Acrobat help page.

  • Shorelines Protection and Restoration Plan (610 Kb pdf)
    A summary of shoreline restoration planning and the ways in which it is expected to occur over time.
  • Public Access Plan (75 Kb pdf)
    Priorities for providing new public access to major shorelines in the unincorporated area.
  • Cumulative Impacts Analysis (273 Kb pdf)
    This analysis evaluates the success of County policies and regulations in meeting a “no-net-loss” goal contained in the state guidelines for the Shoreline Master Program update.

Shorelines Technical Appendix

King County Shorelines Technical Appendix, Inventory and Characterization (1.6 Mb pdf), May 2007
The Technical Appendix is a detailed inventory and analysis of existing shoreline conditions. The Technical Appendix consists of the following documents:

Map Folio

  1. Shoreline Jurisdiction
  1. Shoreline Designations
  1. Shoreline Alterations Analysis Results
  1. Shoreline Restoration Priority
  1. Cumulative Impacts Maps

Public Access Plan Maps

  1. Existing Shoreline Public Access
  2. Shoreline Public Access Gaps and Opportunities
  3. Shoreline Public Access Gap Locations 
  1. Biological Resources
  1. Channel Migration Zones
  2. NOAA Navigation Lanes 
  3. Shoreline Historic and Cultural Resources
  4. Current Land Use in Shoreline Jurisdiction:
  1. Land Use Patterns in the Shoreline Jurisdiction 

For more information about shoreline management in King County, please contact Laura Casey, environmental scientist, Department of Local Services.