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White River / Puyallup River Service Area

White River / Puyallup River Service Area

Mitigation Reserves Program

Map of White Puyallup Service Area for King County Mitigation Reserves Program


The White River Service Area comprises the 133 square miles of the White River watershed which are in King County. According to the Salmon Habitat Limiting Factors for the Puyallup River Basin (Kerwin 1999), “the Puyallup River basin has been substantially altered from its historic condition. In particular, the lower river bears little resemblance to its historic past.” Permittees with impacts to wetlands, streams, and buffers may be able to use the King County In-Lieu Fee Program to offset unavoidable impacts within the White River-Puyallup watershed.

Mitigation Sites

Boise Creek Mitigation Project

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General Information for Permittee/Consultants

General Information for Regulators

For questions about King County's Mitigation Reserves Program, please contact program staff.