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Bear Creek Basin

Bear Creek Basin

King County, Washington

The Bear Creek Basin covers 32,100 acres and include three sub-basins: Bear Creek at 14,300 acres, Cottage Lake Creek at 8,000 acres, and Evans Creek at 9,800 acres. All together there are over 100+ miles of streams including Bear Creek at approximately 12.4 miles, Cottage Lake Creek at approximately 6.7 miles, and Evans Creek running approximately 8.2 miles. The area includes nine lakes and over 2000 acres of wetlands.

Projects and programs

Basin Steward Program
Find out what Water and Land Resources' Basin Steward Program does and how to contact your Basin Stewards.

Bear Creek Watershed Management Study (formerly Watershed-Scale Stormwater Plan)
Watershed planning process to link stormwater management across multiple jurisdictions with salmon recovery in the Bear Creek Basin.

Redmond-Bear Creek Valley Groundwater Management Area
Learn about plans to protect the aquifer in areas spanning the Bear Creek Basin including Woodinville, Redmond, Sammamish and areas in between.

Bear Creek Basin maps and documents

Bear Creek Basin water features map
Map of streams, lakes and wetlands and drainage boundaries.

Bear Creek Basin resources map
Map of conservation easements, parcels in agriculture and forestry use, regionally significant resource areas, public benefit rating system and open space lands and various public lands, 

Bear Creek Basin Plan
Assessed the condition in Bear Creek drainage basin, predicted future changes based on development pattern and recommended ways to reduce flooding, erosion and sedimentation in the stream and to protect valuable stream, wetland and fishery habitat.

Freshwater mussels in Bear Creek and Cottage Lake Creek
Freshwater mussels are a strong indicator of water quality, and this site provides comprehensive information about freshwater mussels in these Sammamish Watershed drainages.

Cities in Bear Creek Basin