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White River Watershed

White River Watershed

Introduction to watersheds

White River watershed facts - Learn about White River history and fisheries, look at a watershed map and visit other White River related resources.

Basin Steward Program
Find out what Water and Land Resources' Basin Steward Program does and how to contact your Basin Stewards.

Report problems: drainage and water quality

Stormwater runoff pollution and how to reduce it
Tips on how to reduce water pollution from home, yard, car, pets and so forth.

Flooding and hydrology

White River flooding information
Look up river gage levels, flood phases and descriptions provided by King County Flood Warning System.

Projects in the White River Watershed

Water and land improvement projects, White River Watershed
Look up flooding, wastewater treatment and stormwater projects in King County, Washington.

Lower White River Countyline Levee Setback Project and Pacific Right Bank Project
Two projects along the lower White River to increase flood storage and reduce the risk of flood damage during high water.

Middle Boise Creek Restoration Project
Overview of a project to widen a creek, plant native riparian trees, install wood and restore an associated wetland to improve habitat near Enumclaw.

Lower Boise Creek Habitat Restoration Project
Overview of a project to remove contamination and restore a creek to create salmon spawning habitat near Enumclaw.

Surface water management and groundwater

Report problems: drainage and water quality

Puyallup-White River watershed map (Acrobat pdf)
Drainage map displaying streams, lakes, drainage divides, major roads and jurisdictions straddling King County and Pierce County.

Boise Creek basin map

South King County Groundwater Management Area
Learn about plans to protect the aquifer in the south county area including the White River watershed localities of Algona, Pacific, and unincorporated King County areas.

Lakes: statistics and water quality

Lake Weedwatcher Program
Got a small boat? Interested in saving a lake from the horrors of dense weed infestations?


Science documents - White River Watershed

Recreation and appreciation

Fishing regulations and seasons (external link)
Washington Dept. of Fish and Wildlife fishing rules for Washington State including White River, its tributaries and lakes within the watershed.

Hazards in King County rivers
Overview of risks associated with river-related recreation and resources for water, boating and river safety.


Agriculture in King County, Washington
Info about several programs serving growers in King County and resources promoting local agriculture. The White River watershed includes part of King County's larger agricultural districts.

Noxious weed infestation map
Interactive map showing location of regulated noxious weed infestations.

Forestry services and information - King County services and contacts for foresters and homeowners involved in forestry.

King County volunteer opportunities - Get the "Dirt" on upcoming events.