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King County GIS

King County GIS

2017–2018 Operations and Maintenance Plan

Introduction [from the document]

This document describes the current state of the King County Geographic Information System (KCGIS). It represents the culmination of a collaborative effort by personnel throughout the county to describe the GIS work programs for participating agencies. GIS is critical to the business of King County, as demonstrated in its use for property appraisal, permit review, emergency services, human services, election services, wastewater facilities planning, natural resource and parks management, waste management, public health, road maintenance, transit services, airport management, crime analysis, budget development, policymaking, equity and social justice, legislative support, and growth management. This document provides the details of how GIS supports those and many other business functions.

KCGIS was organized into a countywide federated structure in 2002 with an enterprise GIS unit (the King County GIS Center), a single point of executive level accountability for GIS within the county, and governance committees at the technical and oversight level. In 2012 the single point of accountability was transferred from the Director of the Department of Natural Resources and Parks (DNRP) to King County’s Chief Information Officer (CIO). In 2016 GIS governance was refreshed with new charters and new membership criteria for its technical advisory and steering committees.

A key mission of KCGIS is to generate a comprehensive work plan (known as the Operations and Maintenance Plan, or O&M Plan). This document is the 2017-2018 edition of that work plan. The first such plan was written in 1997, and subsequent plans have been published nearly every year since. The result is a detailed picture of the King County GIS work program.

The document is organized as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Organization
  • Priority Initiatives
  • Agency Work Plans
  • Summary Information
  • KCGIS Center Services
  • GIS Committees


Copies of our O&M plan for each year since 2002 are available by request. Contact us.