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See also: Planning for growth-management and zoning maps.

This series of maps was produced in February, 2000 by the King County Department of Development and Environmental Services. Each map shows the extent of the given APD, and includes street and municipal features. All PDFs print at 17 x 22 inches (portrait or landscape orientation).

Map: APD Enumclaw (52K JPEG)
1128k PDF
Map: APD Lower Green River (51K JPEG)
Lower Green River
623k PDF
Map: APD North Snoqualmie (85K JPEG)
North Snoqualmie
859k PDF

Map: APD Sammamish River (84K JPEG)
Sammamish River
895k PDF
Map: South Snoqualmie (69K JPEG)
South Snoqualmie
852k PDF

Map: King County Highways and Incorporated Areas - (35k JPEG preview)


2.6Mb PDF
Print Size: 17 x 11 inches

Published: January 2013

This tabloid-size, general reference map shows all of King County's 39 incorporated cities in distinctive, contrasting colors. Interstate and state highways are also featured.

The map was created by the King County GIS Center.


Map: King County's Historical Boundary-1852 (53k JPEG)

53k JPEG

Screen Size: 586 x 444 pixels

This Web-only map was created by the King County GIS Center Client Services Group for the King County Executive and the King County Sesquicentennial Web site, which included the text definition of the original boundary on the page that displayed this map

Map: King County ZIP Codes (41K GIF preview)

This countywide map shows ZIP Code boundaries and labels overlaid on a simple base map that includes incorporated areas.

1.8Mb PDF   Print Size: 17 x 11 inches

King County GIS Center, January 2013.

Map: western King County Zip Codes (93K GIF preview)

This western King County map is at a larger scale and adds major highways to the basemap.

1.3Mb PDF   Print Size: 8.5 x 11 inches

King County GIS Center, January 2013.

Map: No Shooting Areas, King County Code 12.68 (110K GIF)

7.2Mb PDF

Print Size: 34 x 44 inches

No-shooting areas are delineated portions of King County within which the discharge of firearms is prohibited or regulated by King County Code, Title 12, Chapter 12.68. Each no-shooting area on the map is labeled with its corresponding code section number and area descriptor.

A no-shooting area defined by Chapter 12.68 may lie within or extend into an incorporated city, which may have its own laws regulating the discharge of firearms within its boundaries.

In addition, although not depicted on the map, King County Code, Title 7, Chapter 7.12.630 regulates the shooting of guns in King County Parks, which is in general prohibited.

Map created by the King County GIS Center for the Metropolitan King County Council. Revised September 25, 2006.

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