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Map: City of Redmond - Lidar Hillshade (130K JPEG)

4341k PDF
Print Size: 22 x 34 inches

This map depicts ground-surface morphology for the City of Redmond and vicinity using lidar-derived hillshading. The map was created by the King County GIS Center for the City of Redmond in May 2004 from data captured in a 2001–2002 regional lidar data collection project.

Boundaries of incorporated areas, hydrography, and streets are included to provide geographic context and reference.

Ground Snow Load Analysis 5/2001

4530k PDF

Print Size: 45 X 36 inches

Displays ground snow loads as isolines. Includes 100' contour intervals. (25 minimum pounds per square foot roof snow load per King County ordinance. By B. Kabat, H. Chow, C. Ricketts 1997). Based on Snow Loads for Washington, 2nd ed., published by Structural Engineers Assoc. of WA. Created by KC Dept. of Developmental and Environmental Services; updated 7/2001

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