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GIS Services Express™

GIS Services Express™

Flexible on-call GIS support!

A geographic information system (GIS) is a proven, effective tool for a wide variety of municipal, business, and utility applications. No one knows the needs for GIS in your agency better than you, but finding cost-effective means to meet all of those needs may be a challenge for your organization.

GIS Services Express from the King County GIS Center is designed to help your agency GIS ­succeed. The GIS Services Express concept is based on a customized annual work program that you develop for your agency from a wide menu of KCGIS Center spatial services and products. It’s the same program model that has successfully supported distributed GIS activity in King County for many years.

The GIS Services Express objective is to provide regional agencies and businesses, both large and small, the targeted help they need to get the most from their investment in GIS.

A standard package of products and services
  • Eight (8) hours of free consulting from your GIS Services Express representative
  • $100 of free KCGIS Center plotting and printing services
  • Access to KCGIS Center training classes at the lower King County employee rate
A customized 100-hour program from the array of services our 30 GIS professionals can provide
  • Data development—conversion, thematic map layer creation, or ongoing maintenance
  • Map layer library organization and database administration (Oracle, SQL Server, Access)
  • Training, on-call help desk assistance, and on-site end-user support
  • ArcGIS implementation—extensions and custom script development
  • Programming—VBA, JavaScript, ESRI legacy AML & Avenue
  • Web design, development and maintenance of on-line mapping solutions
  • Mapping—on-call for peak workload/fast turn around, or publication-quality cartography
  • Project support—needs assessment, project management, general consulting
  • You develop your annual work program with your GIS Services Express representative.
  • You receive your eight hours of free consulting.
  • Your GIS Services Express representative coordinates delivery of your 100 hours of annual service.
  • KCGIS Center invoices your agency monthly for actual services provided at our hourly billing rate.
  • Low-cost access to a wide variety of highly skilled and knowledgeable GIS professionals
  • Free services, data, plotting, and low cost training
  • Customized program to fit the needs of agencies both large and small, GIS savvy and beginners
  • It allows your own agency’s GIS staff to focus on your core business.
  • Smaller GIS operations can use GIS Services Express to develop a contingent capability for special projects and non-standard business needs.
  • It gives you the ability to manage incremental increases in GIS capability without the ­commitment of new staff and equipment.

What are the business terms and conditions for GIS Services Express?

Services from GIS Services Express are provided by the King County GIS Center in accordance with our standard business terms and conditions.

How do you calculate any KCGIS Center training courses taken by my agency toward my 100-hour annual GIS Services Express commitment?

The normal King County employee cost for any course is divided by the normal KCGIS Center hourly billing rate to determine the number of hours credited to the 100-hour annual commitment.

Can I renew my GIS Services Express agreement for additional years?


What if my agency needs more than 100 hours of annual service?

No problem. Agencies that use more than 100 hours of annual service will be invoiced for the additional hours at the normal KCGIS Center hourly billing rate.

What if my agency doesn’t use its 100 hours of annual service?

Agencies that do not use their 100 hours of annual service will be invoiced for the eight (8) hours of free up-front consulting, the cost of the KCGIS Data CDs provided, and the non-King County employee price for any KCGIS Center training taken.

GIS Services Express Brochure (479kb PDF)