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King County GIS workshops

King County GIS workshops

Workshops developed and taught by King County staff

What Is GIS?

Welcome to the “Geospatial Revolution!” This one-hour workshop provides a concise overview of the fundamental components and business uses of Geographic Information Systems—GIS. Attendees learn how GIS combines geographic theory, information technology, and system integration practices to transform business processes within King County. In simple terms we demonstrate how any agency, company, or individual can benefit from GIS and join the geospatial revolution.

GIS for Equity and Social Justice

This workshop serves as an introduction to recent trends and practices related to using GIS for equity and social justice (ESJ). We explore critical race theory (CRT) and trends in critical race spatial analysis. We review recent literature and academic programs around the topic of GIS for ESJ. Most importantly, we outline best practices for GIS professionals in doing GIS for ESJ work. This includes creating a data/mapping/application support framework both for their own work and to support the work of non-GIS professionals.