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Web GIS training resources

Web GIS training resources

Options for instructor-led or self-paced training

Web GIS is a way of providing GIS capabilities through software deployed on the Internet or on web-enabled local networks. At King County, Web GIS is implemented mostly through ArcGIS Online, a public-facing cloud-based platform, and ArcGIS Enterprise which is comparable in capability to ArcGIS Online but installed on the County's own computer hardware for exclusive access by county staff.

Users of King County Web GIS can access, share, and create data, interactive maps, focused web applications, and multimedia presentations which can be open to the public or applied internally to the full range of King County government business operations.

These external training providers provide numerous opportunities in variety of modes, including many free options, to learn Web GIS.


TeachMeGIS offers instructor-led online courses in ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Enterprise Portal, Web GIS applications, GIS field data collection, and more.


ArcGIS Online Series

GeoSpatial Training Services

GeoSpatial Training Services offers eight ArcGIS Online classes on a variety of software-tool-specific subjects. Each class is offered in an instructor-led format in a classroom or online, and in a self-paced online format. Check each class listing for more information.

ArcGIS Online Classes

Learn ArcGIS

All of the content on Esri's Learn ArcGIS site is free and self-paced. The site includes lessons for all Esri products, including ArcGIS Pro, StoryMaps, and ArcGIS Online. It also includes a filter called "Choose an Experience" to suggest lessons based on your own professional experience.


Discovery Paths for ArcGIS Online

Esri Academy

This site contains free and self-paced training options, as well as fee-based instructor-led courses. Items which are marked “Maintenance Required” are free to holders of member accounts in ArcGIS Online organizations, such as King County's (for King County staff employees only).

The site includes an astonishing array of content covering all of Esri's products. It is deployed in variety of ways, including short video lessons, tutorials, self-paced MOOCs (massive open online courses), and instructor-led online courses. You can create a wish list of courses, create your own learning plan or follow one recommended by Esri, and keep track of the courses you are enrolled in or have completed. Here are some suggested learning plans.

Learning Plans