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Eastrail NE 8th Bridge


Project Schedule: Construction begins May 2022. Anticipated opening fall 2023.

Construction Cost: $16,000,000


The Eastrail NE 8th St. bridge in central Bellevue will provide a critical pedestrian and bicycle crossing over NE 8th Street, one of the busiest streets on the Eastside. The north side of the bridge will connect directly at ground level with the Wilburton Link Light Rail Station which is scheduled to open in 2023. With the upcoming redevelopment of Bellevue’s Wilburton neighborhood just to the south, the bridge will provide an essential safe crossing for trail users and the thousands of new commuters in the Wilburton area.

Due to the prominent position of the bridge a metal artistic cladding will wrap around the main bridge span. To honor the Japanese American heritage in the area several art installations will be incorporated into the bridge.

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Bridge Specifications

  • Approximately 500' long, 16’ trail width
  • Overhead lighting 
  • Composed of pre-fabricated steel trusses 
  • Provides direct connection to Sound transit and Rapid Ride, at ground level, on the north side of NE 8th.


Eastrail Connection to  Wilburton Sound Transit Station

The connection between the Sound Transit Light Wilburton Link Station and the Eastrail will be located on the north side of NE 8th and will occur at ground level. To reach Sound Transit Station from the Eastrail trail users can either take a set of stairs down from the trail bridge to the Sound Transit plaza or continue north down the trail bridge ramp to reach the Sound Transit plaza.