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Zoning and other LAND-USE FACTORS 



King County Zoning: does not apply

Development Conditions: does not apply

Water District: does not apply

Sewer District: does not apply

Water & Sewer District: does not apply

Fire District: does not apply

School District: does not apply

How someone may use their property varies according to the property’s zoning designation and, if applicable, additional Development Conditions. Depending on the property location and the nature of proposed land use, a Critical Areas Designation may also apply.


A parcel’s zoning designation determines its basic allowable uses. Zone codes start with a letter or letters that signify the zone type. Certain zones, such as Agricultural (A), Rural Area (RA), and Urban Residential (R), also include a number that indicates the allowable residential density. Find a complete list of King County zone codes on’s About Zoning page.

If the zone code ends with -P or -SO, that indicates additional Development Conditions, either Property-Specific or through a Special District Overlay that apply to the parcel. See the Development Conditions section, below, for more information.

For more detail on the definition and purpose of each zone type, refer to the King County Code, K.C.C.21A.04.030 - K.C.C.21A.04.130.

The Permitted Uses section of the King County Code, K.C.C.21A.08, details the requirements and restrictions for specific uses in the Land Use Tables. To find out if a specific use is allowed on your property, find your base zone code (not including any -P or -SO Development Conditions suffix) in the header row:

The column for that zone will show a value, or sometimes no value, for each use listed on the table’s left side.

  • No value means the specified use is not allowed, except for certain temporary uses.
  • P means the use is allowed, subject to the review procedures specified in K.C.C.21A.42 and the general requirements of the code.
  • C means the use is allowed, subject to the Conditional Use review procedures specified in K.C.C.21A.42 and the general requirements of the code.
  • S means the use is allowed, subject to the Special Use review procedures specified in K.C.C.21A.42 and the general requirements of the code.
  • If P, C, or S is followed by a number, or number + letter (C12, P14.a), that means additional development conditions apply. Find the numbered/lettered section in the text immediately following the table for more details:

Development conditions

In addition to the base zoning and any development conditions noted in the King County Code Land Use tables, a parcel may have special Development Conditions imposed by its planning area or special district. If your parcel record shows one or more Development Condition codes, you can find more details by using the search tool on’s Property Specific Development Conditions page to look up your parcel’s Districts and Development Conditions report.

Find your Development Conditions code(s) in the King County planning and critical areas designations section. Click on the code to see the full text of that Development Condition.

Critical Areas

Critical Areas are lands with natural geologic hazards or lands that support certain unique, fragile, or valuable natural resource areas. The King County Code (KCC) restricts building on critical areas and their adjacent buffers in order to protect public health and safety, and to promote environmental health in the region.

More information about Critical Areas.

Critical Areas Designation

Where a Critical Areas Designation (CAD) is required, a Critical Areas Specialist will review your property and identify any areas subject to land use restrictions.

If your project involves...

  • Subdivision of a parcel
  • Installation of a septic system, well, or drain field DO need a Critical Areas Designation. You can apply for one at

All other projects MIGHT need a Critical Areas Designation. We’ll need more information about your parcel and project plans to determine whether a CAD is needed. Please call the Permitting Department at 206-296-6600, or email, to get started.

More information about a Critical Area Designation (Bulletin)

Get information about critical areas and find out how to apply for a Critical Areas Designation on the Permit Application Forms and Handouts page.


(New) Info sheets, forms, and fees

Handouts, forms, and other information

Go to the Info Sheet & Forms page to:

  • Get answers to many of your questions by looking up information sheets and bulletins.
  • Get forms and application materials and permit fees.
  • Look up fees
  • Access the Green Building Handbook

Other considerations

Water District, Sewer District, Water & Sewer District, and School District information are provided above for developers researching an undeveloped parcel.

If your project requires a Fire District Receipt, it can be obtained from your parcel’s assigned Fire District, which can be found in the King County electoral districts section of the Property Specific Development Conditions page. (Not required for single-family residential projects.)