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Job opportunities

We are looking to hire corrections officers and juvenile detention officers. We offer signing bonuses of $12,000 or $25,000 based on experience. Learn more.

The Department of Adult and Juvenile Detention (DAJD) operates safe, secure, and humane detention facilities. These include:

  • King County Correctional Facility (KCCF) in Seattle
  • Maleng Regional Justice Center (MRJC) in Kent
  • Judge Patricia H. Clark Children and Family Justice Center (for youth under 18) in Seattle

We also offer community corrections programs that include alternatives to detention.

Adult jail population

Find information about adults in custody in King County. Use our Population Dashboard.


Beware of scams targeting people in jail and family members

We have been alerted to a scam where people contact family members claiming they can have someone released to Electronic Home Detention in exchange for payment. Do not provide money, pre-paid cards, or personal information if you receive a call or message of this kind. You can reach King County jail customer service directly at 206-296-1234.