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The webteam is strongly urging web developers and authors to not use custom code.

Custom code, such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript, can create major problems.

For example, if your custom code conflicts with our global changes and updates, it will break your pages.

Custom code makes it difficult for us to maintain a consistent look and feel throughout

Also, custom code can make your pages bigger and will take longer to download.

With Twitter Bootstrap and this styleguide, hopefully we can solve a lot of these problems. Bootstrap offers hundreds of solutions that you can implement into your page and the webteam is busy building lots of tools to help you as well.

However, if you absolutely need to use custom code, we are suggesting the following workflow:

  1. Check this site to see if you can find what need first. Over time, we will be adding commonly used tools for web developers and content editors. We also want to hear from you to let us know what tools you want to see implemented. If you have a suggestion email the WebTeam.
  2. Second, go to Twitter Bootstrap to see if you can find a solution there. Make sure to check the CSS, Components and JavaScript sections.
  3. If you still can't find what you need, try Googling your solution. When you do a search, make sure to include "Bootstrap 3" in your search query. If you find some code that works, let us know about it. We want to share your solution with other developers in the County.

WARNING: If you use custom code on your page, you must maintain it. The webteam is constantly making global changes and updates that may break your page. Any page errors created by your custom code are your responsibility to fix.