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The Third Avenue entrance to the King County Courthouse is temporarily closed. Please use the Fourth Avenue entrance.  
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If you are using Chrome or Firefox,
you only need to do the following setting:

  • Allow pop-up windows

If you are using Internet Explorer,
make the following changes to the settings on your browser:

Note: If some of the settings below are grayed out and you cannot change them, then that means they are controlled by your network administrators. You will need to put a support ticket in to ask them to make the changes for you.
  • Clear your cache - how to: (you only need to delete "Temporary Internet files"
  • Delete your cookies – how to.
  • Select Tools (cog in upper-right-hand corner)->Internet Options->
    • Under Security tab->Trusted sites button-> add
      • Also make sure "require server verification (https:) for all sites..." is unchecked.
    • Under Security tab->Trusted sites->Custom level:
      • Automatic prompting for ActiveX Controls – Enable
      • Allow script-initiated windows without size or postion constraints – Enable
      • Allow websites to open windows without address or status bars – Enable
      • Display mixed content - Enable
      • Launching programs and files in an IFRAME - Enable
      • User Pop-up Blocker - Disable
      • Use SmartScreen Filter –Disable
      • Allow programmatic clipboard access – Enable
  • Sitecore 7.2 does not support Compatibility view in IE9, IE 10, or IE11. If you have problems, check to make sure Compatibility view isn't turned on.
  • If you use Internet Explorer 11, set it to emulate IE 10 while in Sitecore
    • Select f12 -> Document mode -> 10 - how to.

For further details on Sitecore browser settings refer to this Sitecore browser configuration reference (PDF).