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Pursuant to OLEO’s authority under K.C.C. 2.75.040(D), OLEO conducts systemic reviews of the Sheriff’s Office’s trainings, policies and practices, and makes recommendations for improvements to the Sheriff’s Office and the County Council. Below is a list of recommendations OLEO has provided to the Sheriff’s Office on new policies or policy revisions.

The most recent version of King County Sheriff’s Office General Orders Manual (GOM) can be found here.

Policy Number (GOM) Policy subject Policy issues / recommendation Date KCSO notifed KCSO response to OLEO recommendations
GOM 4.03.025  Off-duty exception Probation Lateral/Phase 4 deputies 

OLEO recommended KCSO include a cap on the number of off-duty hours a lateral or phase 4 deputy can work while on probation.

See OLEO Memo

10/29/2018  Not adopted. KCSO did not provide an explanation. 
GOM 3.03  IIU Investigations - Mediation 

OLEO recommended that if an employee participates in mediation in good faith, IAPro reflect a disposition of "dismissed" to make it consistent with the CBA. We also recommended that the GOM be updated accordingly.

See OLEO Memo

2/15/2018  Not adopted. KCSO did not provide an explanation. 
GOM 6.04.055 
Less Lethal Shotgun 
In December 2017, KCSO initially came out with a Less Lethal Shotgun (which shoots beanbag rounds instead of bullets), without waiting for OLEO's recommendations on the matter. In 2018, the new KCSO administration halted the implementation of the less lethal shotgun program so that it could revise the policy, among other things. OLEO provided its recommendations. Some of those recommendations included: 

- restricting the use of the less lethal shotgun to, "physically resistive... subjects who pose an imminent threat," as opposed to, "resistive... subjects that pose a threat."
- prohibiting the use of the shotgun against an individual in a crowd unless the officer has supervisor approval and can reasonably assure other individuals in the crowd, who pose no threat of violence, will not be struck by the beanbag round;
- prohibiting the use of the shotgun against an individual in an elevated position unless there are compelling reasons; and
- unless deadly force is justified, officers should aim for specific areas to avoid striking the individual in the face, neck, chest and back.

See OLEO Memo
Mostly adopted, with the adjustment of some terminology. In some areas, the final policy is not as restrictive as OLEO's recommendations. 

Other OLEO recommendations, such as body parts to target, KCSO indicated it will cover during training.

KCSO added policy that the subject must be evaluated after each Less Lethal Shotgun deployment, which OLEO agrees with. 
GOM 6.00.015
Use of Force and Medical Treatment
OLEO proposed a policy encouraging officers to provide aid to persons injured during a use of force incident.

See OLEO Memo
Partially adopted. KCSO adopted OLEO substantive policy language, but removed specific examples of aid to provide.
GOM 5.05.020
 Assisting federal immigration (ICE) officials
KCSO proposed to add language directing that ICE not be allowed in KCSO facilities solely for immigration enforcement. OLEO recommended that "in KCSO facilities" be changed to "in KCSO custody." OLEO made this recommendation to include situations where a person is in KCSO custody but not in a KCSO facility, such as a medical facility, patrol car, etc.
GOM 5.00.055(4), (5) Searches of Opposite Sex See OLEO Memo 7/6/2017
GOM 5.01.015 Spit Hood See OLEO Memo 6/21/2017 Not adopted.
GOM 5.08.025(6) Persons in Behavioral Crisis KCSO was revising the GOM to comply with a new state law, RCW 71.05.457.
See OLEO Memo
6/21/2017 Not adopted. However, OLEO's memo prompted an additional review and revisions of the policy by KCSO.
GOM 17.20.000

Investigations of Sexual Assault by Patrol

See OLEO Memo


Partially adopted. KCSO included most information on victims of sexual assault and the forensic exam advisements, but did not include the "one-liner" examples that officers could utilize.