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Cedar Hills Regional Landfill Monitoring

Read the most recent annual reports and environmental monitoring reports for the Cedar Hills Regional Landfill.

Located in Maple Valley, the Cedar Hills Regional Landfill receives over 800,000 tons of waste a year. It is the only remaining landfill in use in King County. 

Cedar Hills is owned and operated by the King County Solid Waste Division. We regularly collect and analyze environmental samples to ensure we meet regulatory requirements. This includes monitoring groundwater, stormwater, and our landfill gas system.

Annual reports

Our annual reports summarize activities at Cedar Hills. This includes information on landfill capacity, operations, costs, personnel training, and environmental monitoring.

Environmental monitoring reports

Cedar Hills Regional Landfill quarterly environmental monitoring reports.

2023 environmental monitoring reports

2022 environmental monitoring reports

2021 environmental monitoring reports

2020 environmental monitoring reports

2019 environmental monitoring reports

2018 environmental monitoring reports