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Green Schools Program success stories

These success stories highlight the accomplishments of school districts, schools, and student teams.

Since the Green Schools Program began in 2002

  • 341 schools received assistance and resources from the program
  • 293 schools have received recognition as Level One King County Green Schools
  • 176 schools have received recognition as Level Two King County Green Schools
  • 141 schools have received recognition as Level Three King County Green Schools
  • 90 schools have received recognition as Sustaining Green Schools in one or more years

See Green Schools recognition June 2023 for the list of districts, schools, and student teams recognized by the program in June 2023.

School districts

Fourteen school districts across King County participate in the program. We recognize school districts when they complete criteria in each program level.

Six school districts have earned Level One Green School District recognition, 4 have earned both Level Two and Level Three recognition, and 2 have earned Sustaining Green School District recognition for maintaining and building on their sustainability practices.

School district success stories

Schools and their student environmental teams

Two hundred ninety-three schools across 17 school districts, 36 cities, and unincorporated areas have earned recognition as King County Green Schools. When a school earns Level One recognition, we award them with a banner and add their successes to this page. We award a banner sticker or ribbon when schools earn recognition at more program levels.

Each school year, over 200,000 students in participating schools had opportunities to learn about and engage in waste reduction, recycling, and other conservation practices.

We also recognize student teams that accomplish sustainability activities. Student teams can be any size. Some teams are part of an existing club or class.

  • In Spring 2023, we recognized 88 student teams for their 2022-2023 activities.
  • In Spring 2022, we recognized 57 student teams for their 2021-2022 activities.
  • In Spring 2021, we recognized 31 student teams for their 2020-2021 activities.

Public school success stories are organized by school district. Private schools are listed under "Private Schools."

School success stories