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Signature requirements

Information about signature requirements for King County Industrial Waste Program forms.

King County Code 28.82.050 requires a signature from an “authorized representative” on Industrial Waste applications and reports.

The person signing the form is legally responsible for the accuracy of the application and of subsequent reports.

Delegating signature authority

An authorized representative at an organization can give signature authority to another person to sign King County Industrial Waste (KCIW) paperwork. Delegating signature authority must be done in writing, using the Delegation of Signatory Authority form. Both the authorized representative and the delegated person must sign the form. The person may sign future paperwork once KCIW has the form on file.

Who is an authorized representative?

An authorized representative is a person who performs policy or decision-making functions for an organization. This includes representatives such as a president, secretary, treasurer, vice president, general partner, director or highest official designated to oversee the operation.

Download the Delegation of Signatory Authority form (69KB)