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Construction impacts

A description of construction impact projects and the roles and responsibilities of the Local Public Agency team and the local agency.


Construction impacts are projects that involve construction adjacent to, on top of, or below King County sewer lines or facilities. 

Potential impacts may cause damage to the King County sewer system, if not protected. Examples of construction impacts include, but are not limited to, shoring, pavement overlay, tunneling, and other utility work that requires protection in place of King County’s sewer system.

Construction Impact Requirements

  • Please contact the LPA team as early as possible during preliminary design to verify whether a construction project may impact King County’s sewer system.
  • Agreement and/or Approval: Depending on the nature of the project, an interagency agreement or approval letter may be required between King County and the Local Agency.
  • Construction Inspection: The project may also require LPA on-site inspection. See Construction Requirements for notification requirements prior to construction start as well as requirements regarding submittals and change orders pertaining to impacts to King County’s sewer system.

Our team’s role

The LPA team is involved from the project’s preliminary design through construction. We provide King County construction requirements, inspection of construction, and review of submittals and change orders.

The LPA team makes sure that any adjacent construction impacts are minimized to protect King County’s sewer infrastructure.