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Construction requirements

Information about notification requirements to the Local Public Agency team prior to construction start and requirements regarding submittals and change orders during construction.

The LPA Team should have reviewed the construction plans and submitted either a letter defining the conditions of approval or provided project requirements to be added to the plans.

Construction Notice:
It is critical that we receive adequate prior notice of construction start in order to coordinate and schedule a King County inspector to attend the pre-construction meeting and to be on site during construction. The King County inspector attends the pre-construction meeting to obtain information on construction schedule and ensures that the Contractor understands our requirements.

  • Contact the LPA TEAM for the Pre-Construction Meeting

    The LPA Program must be contacted at 206-477-5414 or at least five (5) working days in advance of the pre-construction conference for this project. Please reference the LPA approval letter number (if applicable).
  • Contact the LPA INSPECTOR for Construction Inspection

    The LPA Inspector must be contacted as directed by the LPA Program at least five (5) working days prior to construction activity within 50 feet of the King County sewer pipe. The LPA Inspector’s contact information will be provided once the LPA Team receives notice of the pre-construction conference. 

  • If the pre-construction meeting or construction start is re-scheduled, the LPA Inspector will require notification 5 working days prior to these re-scheduled dates. 
  • The LPA Inspector is required to be on site for any construction directly impacting King County sewer infrastructure and for any construction activity as required by the LPA Team. The LPA Inspector monitors and ensures that King County’s conditions of approval and/or project requirements are followed by the contractor and the local agency. 
  • Submittals: Any submittals that impact King County sewer infrastructure must be sent to the LPA Team for review and comments. To receive a timely response, allow for a minimum of 15 business days per King County Code.
  • Change Orders: Any deviation from King County requirements defined in the LPA approval letter requires that the Contractor follow their Local Agency’s Change Order requirements. Change Orders will need to be reviewed and approved by the LPA Team. To receive a timely response, allow for a minimum of 15 business days per King County Code.
  • As-builts and sewer test results (if applicable) should be submitted to the LPA Team once construction is complete.