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Middle School (MS) FLASH, 2nd Edition (Grades 6, 7, 8)

An updated edition of Middle School FLASH is available on our online lesson platform for instant accessibility and ease of use. All lessons are based on the most current research to prevent pregnancy, STDs and sexual violence. There are now fewer lessons, so that the entire curriculum can be completed in 7 lessons.

  • Updated middle school lessons include assessments, standards alignment, and an array of interactive and developmentally appropriate activities.

  • The update includes an Online Lesson Planning Tool that allows educators to design a lesson plan based on desired content, FLASH curriculum goals and the time they have to teach the curriculum.

  • The online versions link to printable PDF versions of all visuals, teacher keys, student handouts and worksheets.

  • The new Middle School FLASH website offers support for educators with useful information about the program, documentation of standards alignments, and teacher and family resources.

Pricing for online lessons

Public Health – Seattle & King County is committed to keeping the FLASH Curriculum as affordable as possible.

King County residents can email to receive a free subscription of online MS FLASH, 2nd Edition. Please include your name, position, school, building address, and email address.
Outside of King County, subscriptions for online MS FLASH, 2nd Edition, can be purchased for $49.99 per user per year at

All subscribers for online MS FLASH, 2nd Edition, will have access to online middle school lessons, online lesson planning tool, and support documents for one full year after subscribing.