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Setting up FLASH in your school district

Training for the FLASH curriculum is recommended but not required

FLASH is designed to be teacher-friendly, including ample scripting so that schools can implement when they are ready. FLASH trainings will increase teachers' competence and confidence in delivering these lessons and answering student questions, and teachers overwhelmingly find the training leaves them better prepared.

FLASH trainings of educators are skill based. They provide an overview of the curriculum, build skills in the effective use of key concepts, and provide strategies for answering difficult student questions, including questions about values. Trainings can easily accommodate teachers who are new to sexual health education as well as experienced teachers. For more information about scheduling a training, please email

Currently, most FLASH teacher trainings are taking place remotely. Email to inquire about setting up a remote training for your group.

Self-paced asynchronous teacher training modules are also available for purchase. This asynchronous training can be used by individual teachers, or viewed as a group screening. It contains four self-paced modules:

  • FLASH Overview
  • FLASH Key Concepts
  • FLASH Values Question Protocol
  • Answering Difficult Questions in a FLASH Unit