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Transparency of data

Transparency of data

King County is committed to making data open, accessible and transparent. The following data resources are designed to increase public access to high value, machine readable datasets from various departments in King County government.

This data is used by news organizations, app developers, civil engineers, and other members of the public. Additional data sets will be added over the coming months and we welcome feedback.


King County GIS data:

hosted by King County

GIS mapping data can be downloaded directly for free or custom data and imagery requests can be fulfilled for a fee.

By accessing the data catalog and feeds, you agree to our Terms of Use. Please read before accessing the data.


King County Open Data set:

hosted by Socrata.

This site contains data provided by various departments for use by the public. Data is in table form and often there are maps, tables, charts or calendars that are generated.

Socrata also hosts data for other government entities, allowing data to be shared among government resources.


Smartphone Apps

See how metro data is already being used by developers on our apps page.

You can learn more about using metro data for your app on the developer page.