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Employee ID/ORCA cards

Employee ID/ORCA cards

sample ORCA card

How to use your card

Your employee ID/ORCA card allows you to access your county worksite and use many public transit services. Here are two videos showing you how to use it for both things:

ORCA card at building entry reader

Building entry

If your worksite has a card reader, tap your new card just as you’ve always done with your old one to unlock the door.

ORCA card at transit reader


Tap your card on an ORCA reader to pay your fare.

To ride Sound Transit’s Sounder commuter train or Link light rail, you must tap your card on the platform reader before you board and again when you get off the train to record the correct fare. If you do not tap before you ride, you may be charged a fine.

Lost, stolen, or damaged?

Immediately report a lost, stolen, or damaged employee ID/ORCA card (white ID card with your picture) to:

ID and Access Control Office
King County Administration Building
Room 312
500 4th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98104


Monday: 8 am – 3 pm
Tues – Thurs: 8 am – 4 pm
Friday: 8:30 am – 4 pm

King County will replace nonworking and stolen ID/ORCA cards free of charge, but lost employee ID/ORCA cards will be replaced only once in a calendar year and will be charged a $25 fee. If your card is stolen, report it to the police and provide the police report number to the ID and Access Control Office in order to have your card replaced free of charge. 

To allow your lost ID/ORCA card to be returned to King County, you are required to wait three business days before your lost ID/ORCA card is replaced. You may ask for a temporary ID/ORCA card to use during the three days that you are required to wait.

If you find your lost ID/ORCA card after receiving a new ID/ORCA card, you are required to keep the new ID/ORCA card and turn in your old ID/ORCA card to the ID and Access Control Office.

To replace a lost, stolen or damaged Washington State Ferry monthly pass (blue ORCA card) contact your Employee Transportation Program Manager, Tim Hams, at 206-263-3463.

About your ID/ORCA card