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Benefits of Mediation

Benefits of Mediation

High success rate
Mediation helps solve disagreements about 80% of the time.

Problems are dealt with quickly
Typically, mediation can be scheduled within two to three weeks and resolved, on average, in about four to six hours.

Significant cost savings
Mediation is very economical when contrasted with the cost of adversarial processes, such as arbitration or litigation.

State law ensures that mediation is kept confidential.

Variety of mediators
Because our mediators come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experience, we will most likely be able to provide gender, ethnic, cultural, and other matches when appropriate.

Those involved in the conflict maintain control of their dispute and resolve the problem themselves with the assistance of the mediators, rather than having a judge or some other official decide it for them.

Clarification and simplification of issues
Even if those involved in the conflict do not resolve their issues, mediation will frequently simplify the issues and enhance communications. Sometimes the parties in conflict resolve the problem later, but if not, their litigation proceeds more rapidly, is more focused, and is often less costly as a result of having attempted mediation.


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