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Inter-Local Conflict Resolution Group (ILCRG)

Inter-Local Conflict Resolution Group (ILCRG)

The Inter-Local Conflict Resolution Group (ILCRG) is a consortium of government agencies, labor unions and volunteer professionals jointly formed by King County and the M.L. King County Labor Council in 1998 to provide mediation and other forms of dispute resolution services to its members at no cost.

The ILCRG provides mediation services to its members at no cost because members recognize that mediation is a more effective way of resolving disputes. Mediation is cost effective and improves workplace morale by resolving disputes more quickly and improving relationships in the workplace. The mediation process may uncover underlying interests that may have gone unaddressed by more conventional means of dispute resolution. Often this will assist in resolving the fundamental problems and in minimizing the recurrence of disputes.

The certified mediators available through the ILCRG are employees of the member agencies and labor unions, supplemented by volunteer professionals. Participating agencies "contribute" the time of their employee mediators to other members, and in return receive mediators for their own problems from other participating agencies. In order to preserve confidentiality and impartiality, mediators do not participate in the resolution of formal disputes originating in their own agency.

Become an ILCRG Member Organization

It's easy to become a member organization of the Inter-Local Conflict Resolution Group. Contact Jasbinder (Jazs) Dhoot at or 206-263-2432

Become a Mediation Volunteer

The ILCRG offers a 48-hour mediation training to King County employees and employees of member organizations. In this dynamic and intensive course, you will learn more about the mediation process, about conflict resolution strategies, and about your own preferred conflict style. Some students completing the training will have the opportunity to continue the training by participating in a practicum program, observing live mediation sessions, working with mentor mediators, and becoming certified to mediate cases for the program.

Contact Polly Davis at or 206-263-2436 for more information.


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