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Accountable Business Transformation Program

Accountable Business Transformation Program

The Accountable Business Transformation project (ABT) was a planned five-year, $86 million effort to transform the county's financial, human resource, payroll, and budget operations by implementing countywide best practices and systems in these areas. This project was important, because the county has used disparate business processes and two separate payroll and finance systems since the merger of King County and METRO in 1994, and a previous attempt to provide common systems failed in the late 1990s after an investment of $42 million. Oversight was intended to increase the likelihood of project success by monitoring project and risk management activities and making recommendations.

In our final oversight report, published in September 2012, we found that the County largely achieved the ABT Program vision of countywide, integrated systems for human resources, payroll, finance, and budget, which was a major accomplishment. However, the County has considerable work remaining to make the systems efficient and effective in order to enhance essential services as envisioned. The ABT team delivered nearly all of the planned scope within budget, although there were delays of up to one year and some system defects remain. This report documents lessons learned and makes recommendations about the work left to do to fully achieve the anticipated benefits and business transformation.



The County Council directed the Capital Projects Oversight Program to conduct oversight on the ABT Program (see the ABT Due Diligence Report under "Other related reports" after this section for more information).The oversight reports are found below in chronological order starting with 2011.


Reports issued in 2011
1st quarter 2011 report, July 25, 2011
2nd quarter 2011 report, October 20, 2011
3rd quarter 2011 report, December 22, 2011
4th quarter 2011 report, April 24, 2012

Watch the presentation on the final quarterly oversight report for ABT presented to the Government Accountability, Oversight & Financial Performance Committee on May 8, 2012.

Reports issued in 2010
1st quarter 2010 report, June 28, 2010
2nd quarter 2010 report, October 27, 2010
3rd quarter 2010 report, January 21, 2011
4th quarter 2010 report, April 19, 2011

Reports issued in 2009
1st quarter 2009 report, July 27, 2009
2nd quarter 2009 report, October 16, 2009
3rd quarter 2009 report, February 9, 2010
4th quarter 2009 report, March 31, 2010



Of the 7 recommendations:

DONE 6 Recommendations have been fully implemented. Auditor will no longer monitor.
PROGRESS 0 Recommendations are in progress or partially implemented. Auditor will continue to monitor.
OPEN 0 Recommendations remain unresolved. Auditor will continue to monitor.
CLOSED 1 Recommendation is no longer applicable. Auditor will no longer monitor.

Audit team

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