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Large Landlord Program

Large Landlord Program

King County Eviction Prevention and Rent Assistance Program

Issaquah Family Village

More than 1,500 landlords and 5000 properties are in the program! Tenants whose landlords received funding during the Landlord sign-up period will not have to apply directly to the Tenant Pool. This page has important resources and ongoing information for landlords in the program.

Landlord Prioritization Tier Methodology

Upon registering for EPRAP (between April 28 and May 16), landlords provided their portfolio delinquency rate by entering total number of units in arrears throughout their properties divided by the total number of units in their portfolio. For example, if a landlord had 10 units in arrears and 100 total units in their portfolio, their portfolio delinquency rate would be 10%.

The portfolio delinquency rate is calculated based on entire portfolio of properties registered with the program. Therefore, if a property management company registered on behalf of multiple property owners, the portfolio delinquency rate is calculated for all the properties registered under the property management account and not based on property ownership or unique W9s. If a property owner registered for the program, the portfolio delinquency rate is calculated for all their properties.

EPRAP designed a four-tier system of prioritization to structure how the landlord accounts (based on delinquency rates) would be assigned to community-based agencies to begin direct service, supporting tenants through their application process. The prioritization tiers are in four equal sized groups ordered by the portfolio delinquency rate described above. There are 369 landlords split into 93 accounts in tier 1 and 92 accounts in tiers 2-4. Below are descriptive statistics on each tier:


Delinquency Rate Range

Total Number of Landlords


50% - 100%



20% - 50%



10% - 20%



0.01% - 10%



The following table identifies DCHS’s estimate of when landlord tiers will be served by the program. Every effort will be made to expedite this process.


DCHS has begun working with tier one and will move on to tier 2 once all landlords in the tier 1 have been served or deemed ineligible. The total number of landlords in each tier may change if landlords are deemed ineligible or withdraw from the program as the program continues.

Landlord Documents

Tenant Attestation Forms (Please select your desired language):

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