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Puget Sound Taxpayer Accountability Account

Puget Sound Taxpayer Accountability Account

Children, Youth and Young Adults Division


Increasing Equitable Supports & Service for Youth to Thrive

The Puget Sound Taxpayer Accountability Account (PSTAA) expands and strengthens equitable supports for youth in our region.

PSTAA funds, as directed by the King County Council, support investments for early learning facilities, K-12 community-based supports, as well as college, career, and technical education.

PSTAA was created as an amendment to the 2015 State Transportation Revenue Package by the Washington State Legislature and directs that Sound Transit 3-related funds be used to improve educational outcomes. To learn more about PSTAA legislation and the community engagement process, check out the King County Council PSTAA web page.

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 About PSTAA

PSTAA elevates and strengthens existing community-driven strategies for addressing inequities in our educational landscape. Through PSTAA, King County DCHS partners with the community to ensure that youth furthest from educational justice can thrive.

DCHS investment priorities for PSTAA aim to address current gaps in our education landscape and to improve educational outcomes for historically underserved youth by:

  1. Increasing and improving access to early learning facilities
  2. Increasing culturally relevant youth programs
  3. Improving college and career access and supports

PSTAA investment strategies were approved by the King County Council after a comprehensive community engagement process and thoughtful consideration of current needs and existing educational initiatives in our region.

Review the Implementation Plan for Investment of PSTAA Proceeds, as adopted by King County Council, here.

 Programs and Opportunities

PSTAA investments focus on community-driven strategies, building on the momentum of collaborative efforts to strengthen educational outcomes for King County youth furthest from education justice.

PSTAA provides funding to community organizations, non-profits, schools and school districts to increase equitable services and support for youth.

Like other DCHS initiatives, we consider our funding recipients as partners working together to achieve health and well-being for children, youth, families and communities.

Please see the DCHS funding opportunities page for current PSTAA funding opportunities.

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