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Affordable Housing resources in King County, WA

Affordable housing

Why should affordable housing projects consider green building? Residents living in affordable housing units should have access to the same sustainable amenities as market rate housing. The list of benefits to residents is lengthy, from a better quality of life, cheaper maintenance and operation costs, less frequent medical visits, better return on investment, to a sense of pride. At the same time, green building provides an advantage to the greater community by providing a healthier living environment, adapting to future climate change, longer lasting materials, well-designed units, walkable communities, and utilizing public dollars more effectively.

Easy ways to green affordable housing projects at little or no cost:

  • Low VOC paints, sealants, and adhesives
  • Low flow toilets and plumbing fixtures
  • Insulation with recycled content, both rigid and bats
  • Formaldehyde free bats
  • Sheet rock with recycled content
  • Concrete steel reinforcements with recycled content
  • Acoustical Ceiling tiles with recycled content
  • Construction Waste recycling (minimum 75%)
  • Green Label Certified floor coverings (carpet)
  • Carpet with 25% recycled content
  • Gypsum board with recycled content
  • 20% substitution of Fly Ash in Concrete Mix

Look at these development areas to find ways you can incorporate green building components:

  • Material use
  • Indoor Air quality
  • Site and water protection
  • Energy Efficiency

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