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Any organization that would like to serve as a collection site in King County, Washington can become a member of the Take it Back Network if they are:

  • Retail stores that sell computers, office equipment, household electronics, hardware, paint and supplies, and other products that are accepted by the Take it Back Network
  • Recycling and solid waste management companies that have drop off sites where customers can bring their unwanted products
  • Repair shops, thrift stores, community groups and other non-profit organizations

Membership requirements

To become a Take it Back Network member, organizations must have at least one facility located in King County where both businesses and residents can take their unwanted products for recycling. Organizations that don't have a physical location in King County where residents and businesses can drop off their products may provide pick up services. The pick-up services must be available to both residents and businesses in King County at a reasonable fee. Organizations must have been in business for at least one year, as demonstrated by a Master Business license, to be eligible to participate in the Take it Back Network.

Members must sign an Agreement 120 K with the King County Solid Waste Division (SWD) that lists the materials the company will accept, the fees for service and relevant contact information. Take it Back Network members agree to the following provisions:

  • Export Restrictions

    Take it Back Network members agree to recycle the equipment domestically and will not export hazardous electronic waste for recycling, disposal or repair from developed to developing countries either directly or indirectly through intermediaries.

    All materials that can be repaired for reuse or recycled must be handled domestically or in developed countries belonging to the European Union (EU) external link or the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) external link .

  • Certificate of Recycling

    Take it Back Network members must have available a Certificate of Recycling that can be provided to customers upon request. The certificate will include the type of product or material accepted; the name, location and phone number of the final processing facility that will recycle the material; and the process that will be used to recycle the materials. Download a copy of the Electronics Recyclers 30 K certificate.

  • Reporting

    Take it Back Network members agree to provide quarterly reports to the SWD 50 K stating the numbers of TVs, computers, monitors, and/or cell phones that are recycled.

  • Letter to the Washington Department of Ecology

    Take it Back Network members that accept electronic equipment for recycling must submit a letter to the Washington Department of Ecology notifying the department of their intent to handle used electronic equipment. The letter must state the methods that will be used to process electronic materials. This letter is required by the department of all organizations that collect, store, dismantle or recycle electronics per the Interim Enforcement Policy Conditional Exclusion for Cathode Ray Tubes and Related Electronic WastesDownload PDF external link . A copy of this letter must then also be submitted to SWD.

  • Insurance

    Take it Back Network members will need to provide evidence to King County, in the form of a certificate of insurance, of the following insurance coverage:

    • General liability: $1 million per occurrence; $2 million aggregate
    • Workers compensation: statutory
    • Employer's liability/stop gap: $1 million


  • Site Visit

    Applicants will be visited by the project manager for a tour of the facility where the recyclable materials will be stored, packaged, disassembled and/or processed.

To begin the application process, fill out the Request an Application form, and you will be contacted by the project manager.

King County Solid Waste Division mission: Waste Prevention, Resource Recovery, Waste Disposal

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