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Permits for right-of-way construction (for franchised utilities)

Permits for right-of-way construction (for franchised utilities)

County Road Right-of-Way Construction Permits are issued only to utilities authorized to operate facilities within County roads. Generally these are holders of a County utility franchise. If you have questions about these permits, please contact us at or 206-477-9350. 

To begin, verify that the road you want a permit for is on a King County Right-of-Way (ROW) by using Parcel Viewer or iMAP using an address, parcel number, or intersection.

After confirming the road is a King County ROW, complete the appropriate application with one set of plans and traffic control plan attached. An additional set will be necessary for project on bridges or within close proximity to shorelines.

Applicants with the conditions below will need a Certificate of Conformance in addition to the standard application form:

  • Installation or Replacement of Pole
  • Installation of Guy Wire
  • Installation of Guy Pole (not needed if installed to an existing anchor)
  • Installation of Anchor
  • Installation of Anchor Pole

ROW Construction Permits are obtained from Real Estate Services to allow utility construction work by franchised utilities, telephone companies, and Metro Transit on King County road rights-of-way. ROW Construction Permits are available only to franchised utilities. Individuals wishing to repair or replace water and electric service lines or side sewers in County ROW must work through their local utility.