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VS-P07: 134-76R (2884)

VS-P07: 134-76R (2884)


Multiple conditions apply, as listed below.


Amended by Ord. 15244, 08/11/2005 (Map)


134-76R (2884)

Development Condition Text

134-76R (Ordinance 2884)

1. _The use of the site shall be limited to a community health center, a senior citizen's activity center, administrative offices, recreational facilities, and accessory activities.

2. _The operation of "Granny's Attic" or any similar activity on the site shall be considered as an accessory use to the principal activities of the Vashon-Maury Island Health Services Center, Inc. so long as the activity is conducted by and for the benefit of the Center and under the direct and continuous control and management of the Board of Directors of the corporation.



Effective Date

August 18, 1997


Amended by Ord. 15244, 08/11/2005 (Map)

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