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VS-P15: 105-89R (9823)

VS-P15: 105-89R (9823)


Multiple conditions apply, as listed below.


Amended by Ord. 15244, 08/11/2005 (Map)


105-89R (9823)

Development Condition Text

105-89R (Ordinance 9823)

1. _Density shall be limited to a maximum of twelve units per acre.

2. _Residential development shall meet a water use performance standard of sixty (60) gallons per person per day.

3. There shall be a maximum of 133 dwelling units constructed on the entire 11.3 acre development.

4._Occupancy of the dwelling units shall be limited to individuals 62 years of age and older. This restriction shall be adopted by covenant or deed restriction in which King County is granted enforcement authority. The language of the covenant or other deed restriction shall be reviewed and approved by the Department of Development and Environmental Services (DDES), and the Housing and Community Development Section.

5. _Commercial development on the project site shall be limited to 22,000 square feet. Development of property associated with the Vashon Historical Association, or any other island based nonprofit organization approved by the applicant is not included in this limitation.

6. _The development shall contain a senior center, constructed by the Developer, at the Developer's expense. The senior center shall be open to all seniors (62 years of age and older), including non-residents. The senior center, including the exercise pool, shall be constructed in the first phase of the project if the entire project is not constructed simultaneously.

7. _The development shall include: a. A health services facility for examinations and consultations, primarily to be used by visiting health care professionals; b. A gardening area for residents; c. Sports and recreational facilities for residents; d. Activity and meeting areas; e. An exercise pool for the use of residents.

8. _There shall be no perimeter fencing of the development, however, screening with shrubbery or other vegetation is allowed.

9. _The applicant shall dedicate, at no charge save those discussed below, sufficient real property within the commercial area of the project to the Vashon Heritage Association for the construction of up to 1,000 square foot building, to conform to the architectural design of the existing development. If the Vashon Heritage Association declines the dedicated property, then the developer agrees to dedicate same to another Vashon Island based nonprofit organization approved by the applicant, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld. The form of the dedication shall either be a fee simply conveyance, or 99-year ground lease. No costs of construction, including costs of preparation and execution of documents or conveyance, will be borne by the applicant.

10. _The applicant shall set aside and maintain in perpetuity at least ten percent of the project's dwelling units for "low income" residents and at least ten percent for "moderate income" residents, as defined by King County Housing and Economic Development, and shall not charge rent and utilities for said units in excess of that amount determined as appropriate by King County Housing and Economic Development for "low income" and "moderate income" seniors, respectively.

11. _If, within five years of issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy for said development, the level of service at the intersection of SW 176th Street and 99th Avenue SW becomes level "F", then applicant shall pay the pro rata cost of all improvements required by King County which are proportionate to the impact related to the development.



Effective Date

August 18, 1997


Amended by Ord. 15244, 08/11/2005 (Map)

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