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VS-P16: L90RZ027 (10598)

VS-P16: L90RZ027 (10598)


Multiple conditions apply, as listed below.



L90RZ027 (10598)

Development Condition Text

L90RZ027 (Ordinance 10598)

1. _Use of the property shall be limited to self-service storage warehousing. Development of the property shall be limited to that use and ancillary, accessory or appurtenant uses, structures, or other improvements.

2. _A temporary 80-foot diameter turnaround shall be constructed consistent with KCRS requirements at the south end of 100th Avenue SW, generally as shown in Exhibit No. 8 (Project Plans, July 29, 1992). a. To be approved as to content and form prior to site plan approval and recorded prior to building permit issuance, an easement benefiting King County shall be placed on the subject property in order to accommodate that portion of the turnaround bulb which cannot be located within dedicated 100th Avenue SE right-of-way. b. The easement and all rights granted by that easement shall be terminated whenever 100th Avenue SW is extended southward from the subject property. The requirement to terminate the easement as described in this condition of site plan approval shall be clearly stated in the easement.



Effective Date

August 18, 1997



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